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White Rock

A Symphony of Inspiration


You can see the ocean, the mountains, so it's just more relaxed. We enjoy being together and being here.

Frank and Keiko on Love


The pool and the steam room and the sauna and the hot tub - that's the number one amenity

Alan and Tiffany on Lifestyle


It's a great lifestyle for anyone who lives in White Rock. Everything we need is here. There’s so much within walking distance, we hardly move the car.

Ralph on Lifestyle


The sunlight floods into the east side of the building and we often go sit outside with our plants and enjoy a coffee in the morning.The ocean usually is like a sheet of glass, and the pattern changes on a regular basis.

Mark and Scott on Home


We've made a lot of new friends. Since we moved out here we've developed more relationships, more friendships, with folks in the White Rock community and here at Foster Martin than we ever did in the 20 years that we lived in downtown Vancouver, and I find that amazing.

Mark and Scott on Love


The most outstanding amenity would be the pool. It's an incredible indoor / outdoor facility where you can enjoy the atmosphere of having sunshine in the summertime, and when its cold and grey in the wintertime we can still use the facility and swim and access the sauna and the other facilities.

Mark and Scott on Lifestyle


“I like coming out every morning, sitting on the stool, and looking out at the ocean.” “We love the marble, the view, the balcony. We love everything about our unit.”

Bob and Candace on Home


I can honestly say that living here in our Foster condo is probably the best thing that's happened to us in our life.

Bob and Candace on Love

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